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Chuck Prophet is a big time rock and roll star in a country that has forgotten that it needs big time rock and roll stars. America turns its popular musicians into celebrities as if that’s what we need more of. Meanwhile, the true grit, write it like you live it and live it ‘til it kills you musical artist exists in obscurity, kicking ass and taking names in small clubs every night while sweating blood over making records that few people buy anymore.


Chuck Prophet makes old-fashioned records, which is not to say that his music is dated: quite the contrary. Rather, he makes records that evoke a time when records, the physical things, mattered. Cohesive collections packaged with lyrics and informative liner notes, with care put into packaging and artwork that expanded upon the artist’s vision. And live, Chuck and his band, The Mission Express, will play a room of 500 people as if playing for 5,000 while pretending to be on a stadium stage in front of 50,000. That is, they fill any space to bursting, and Prophet owns the room, offering an elastic catalog of big-time rock moves that would ring hollow but for the obvious amount of heart he puts into it all. Prophet has seen plenty of the down-sides of the rock and roll lifestyle; onstage, he is a testament to its life-affirming power.

Website // www.chuckprophet.com

Music // www.chuckprophet.com/catalog