With over 20 rides to choose from, everyone in the family will create a memory from their day at the Park. Our main attraction, The Legend Roller Coaster, is the 7th oldest coaster in the United States and 13th oldest in the world. We recently spent $1 Million to renovate this historical structure and preserve its heritage for many more generations to come. It was built in 1930 as a free form figure 8 design, by John A. Miller, John F. Pierce and Harry Baker. The ride reaches a height of 63 feet and speeds on its tracks at 50 mph. Riders enjoy the beauty of Lake Okoboji as they race to the top of the track.

The Park is more than just rides, there are also games of chance, water wars, gift shops, and food and beverage locations to keep you refreshed throughout the day. We even have special group rates for groups of 15 or more. We will work with you to plan group meals or special activities in the Park. Whatever your need, we have the facilities and staff to accommodate your special day. So whether it’s The Legend’s new twists, or the carnival style games in the entrance, young and old alike will all have smiles, screams, and every emotion in between to remember your vacation for years to come.