Guest Information

Guest Information

The Ticket Booth is located just outside the main entrance of the park.  If you have question they will be happy to help.


There are 4 ATM machines available (Raceway, Atrium of Roof Garden Ballroom/Pavilion, Near Octopus, Arnolds Park Museum)



Park Bucks are available for purchase at the ticket office in any full dollar amount. Please note: There are no refunds given on Park Bucks once they are purchased. Guests can use Park Bucks left on a play card on any future visits to the Park for games, retail items or food.

COMP., DAY, & Season Passes

Any passes that are dated for a certain year, must be used in that year. No exchanges or refunds will be given if the pass is not used in the time limit that is designated on the pass. Each pass is specific to the name holder of the pass and is not transferrable to any other person or persons.


All lost items will be brought to the Ticket Booth, or ask any Park Security Personnel to assist you.


Available at $15 per day. First come first served. Must be secured with a credit card. Supply is limited.


If you purchase a day pass and leave the Park and wish to return the same day, you must leave your wristband on. If your wristband is taken off, then you will need the wristband and your receipt to obtain a new band.


Arnolds Park Amusement Park does not have a paging system. Please arrange meeting times and places for your group.


The restrictions below have been established for your safety and must be strictly enforced. For the benefit of our guests and our employees, we reserve the right to make the final decision with regard to the eligibility and the safety of a rider.

We generally do not have specific weight limits except on some kiddie rides. All riders must be able to securely fasten all required seat belts/harnesses in order to ride a particular ride. Extenders are not made available from the ride manufacturers for our rides as a safety issue. Some rides are certainly easier for a larger person to ride. We suggest rides with more open or bench style seating such as the Scrambler, Tilt O Whirl and Apples. Weight distribution plays a big part as well – if you are heavier in the middle, lap bars may be difficult to secure.

Kiddie Boats | Must be over 30″ and under 54” to ride.
Freddie the Fish | Must be over 36″ and under 54” to ride.
Dragons | Must be over 30″ and under 54” to ride.
El Paso Train | Must be over 36″ and under 54” to ride.
Kiddie Coaster | Must be between 36″ and 54” to ride.
Train | Under 36” must ride with responsible person.
Ferris Wheel | Under 42” must ride with responsible person. NO SINGLE RIDERS.
Bug House | Under 42” must ride with responsible person.
Merry Go Round | Under 36” must ride with responsible person.
Apples | Under 36” must ride with responsible person.
Pirates Revenge | Under 36” must ride with responsible person.
Boji Bounce | Must be 30-180 lbs to bounce on trampoline.
Scrambler | Under 48” must ride with responsible person, no one under 42” permitted to ride.
Tilt-A-Whirl | Must be 44” or over to ride.
Rock-O-Plane | Must be 44” or over to ride.
Roll-O-Plane | Must be 44” or over to ride.
Long Flume | Must be over 48” to ride alone. Must be 36”-48” to ride with responsible person. No one under 36” permitted to ride.
Legend Coaster | Must be 48” or over to ride (NO EXCEPTIONS).



During severe weather or rain, certain rides may need to close.  After the weather has passed, rides will re-open as soon as possible. No refunds or rain checks are given.


Security personnel are stationed throughout the Park. If you need help, please ask a staff member.


For the safety and convenience of all of our guests, we ask that you please observe the following rules:

  • Arnolds Park Amusement park is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.
  • No running in the Park.
  • Wristbands or Park Bucks are required for all riders.
  • Outside Food and Beverages may not be brought into the Park.  A picnic area is provided just outside on Preservation Plaza.
  • Guests are asked to wear shirts and pants, skirts, or shorts at all times. Clothing with offensive wording will not be allowed in the Park.
  • Guests must wear shoes to ride all rides, excluding the Bounce.
  • Arnolds Park Amusement Park is a SMOKE FREE facility.
  • It is the responsibility of the rider to follow all of the rules and regulations of each ride.
  • No one with recent surgery, back trouble, heart conditions, or who is pregnant is allowed on the thrill rides.
  • Some rides require a parent or guardian to accompany small children.
  • No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol allowed in the Park.
  • No Personal Fireworks on Property
  • No pets are allowed in the Park with the exception of a service animal.
  • No rain checks or refunds issued.  All online sales must be redeemed the end of the season that they are purchased. No exchanges for following seasons are available on any day passes or season passes.
  • Anyone disobeying these rules will be asked to leave the Park.
  • Addition regulations are at various rides.